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Personal data breaches up close: how you can be affected and where you can turn for support

May 11, 2021

In this post our data claims legal support team will explore personal data breaches at a glance and highlight the immediate to long-term impact a breach can have on you and those close to you.

What is a breach of personal data?

To be precise, a personal data breach means that your personal information (anything from bank details & credit card details to your address, gender, religion or sensitive medical information) has been leaked to an unsecure environment without your consent.

Regardless of whether this occurs through human error or through a more sophisticated cyber attack, data breaches are unfortunately very common. Should your personal information fall into the wrong hands, the consequences of such can be incredibly costly to you, both in terms of financial outlay and your time.

At best, you have the inconvenience of updating all your personal information, from usernames to passwords to secure your information. At worst, your data could be mirrored and used to create new accounts by someone else, or worse, to make purchases that you have no control over.

The best way to think of it is; whenever any personal data is accidentally lost or disclosed to a third party or third parties without our permission, you are immediately more vulnerable. The impact can be practical, emotional and financial. In extreme cases, a disclosure of your personal data can also impact your physical safety.

What does a personal data breach look like?

As a specialist data breach law firm, we are currently representing hundreds of people across the UK for some of the standout, problematic data breaches and cyber attacks in the media right now.

A breach of personal data, particularly for a large company, can include tens of thousands, sometimes millions, of individuals’ data.

Our EasyJet data claim campaign is an example of this.

Pre Pandemic, January 2020, 9 million people had their personal and confidential information stolen in a data breach that hit EasyJet customers. To make matters worse, 2208 individuals had their bank details taken and the breach was not communicated to affected customers for four months.

The Airbnb breach is another classic case.

In September 2020, users of the site who had been building their own portfolio of data, including their interests, holiday destinations, addresses and rental home codes, saw this information exposed to others who were on the platform.

We also represent victims of sensitive data breaches, including cosmetic and hospital record breaches.

Transform Hospital Group, a specialist cosmetic and gender affirming surgical brand for transgender and non-binary patients, fell victim to an online cyber-attack incident that resulted in 900 gigabytes of patient being stolen by hackers.

To the horror of the individuals concerned, personal data that has gone missing includes photographs, information about operation enquiries, names and addresses.

Does it matter if my personal data has been stolen?

If it is made known to you that an organisation or business has lost your personal data, there are a few simple steps you can take that our personal data breach team can guide you through.

Ultimately, this is all about protection and ensuring that you can limit the amount of future damage as possible.

We will never want to scare you or put you off from acting.

We have access to many layers of support, support which if you’re open to receiving, can lead to compensation for the data breach you have received.

So, in short, yes! It does matter if your personal data has been stolen or breached and we can support you ever step of the way.

Our specialist data claim lawyers genuinely understand that your personal data is amongst your most valued possession. Afterall, they like you, are humans too.

We don’t want our private information out in the public domain, and we certainly don’t want someone else using such data to imitate our movements.

How you can respond to a personal data breach?

To begin, you can pop across a few simple details that will support us in assessing your claim in our start your claim page.

This can be who alerted you to the loss of your personal data, when, and how this has had an impact on you so far, both emotionally and on a practical scale.

In most cases we accept, the absolute minimum level of damage to be sought at a settlement stands between £750 to £1,000.

Although, with any data breach, the value of any data claim compensation can be higher, it just depends on the circumstances and effects of the breach.

As mentioned above, sometimes you just want to know that you’re heard, and that your personal data being stolen, or breached, is worthy of a conversation. If that’s the case, you can call our expert team on 0330 013 0249 to discuss.

If you believe you are a victim of the furniture village cyber-attack, Fletchers Data Claims may be able to support you with your claim for compensation. Speak to our team today on 0330 100 0971 or email: claims@fletchersdataclaims.com

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