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The password was found on an online list. If you a are using this password for your account then our recommendation is that the password should be changed immediately.

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The password was not found on any online list. This password appears to be safe.

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Gone are the days you can get away with ‘Password123’ as your go-to password.

If you’re reading and thinking, ‘ah…’ in the knowledge your own passwords aren’t very secure, we recommend you change them immediately.

Your password is the central gateway to your personal information and with a strong one, you’re tightening your grip on your online identity.
At Fletchers Data Claims, we understand password reuse is normal, because it’s easier to remember. But reusing the same password is also extremely risky.
Take a look at our password checker and see how safe the keys are to your identity.

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Credential stuffing is the automated injection of breached username/password pairs in order to fraudulently gain access to user accounts. This is a subset of the brute force attack category: large numbers of spilled credentials are automatically entered into websites until they are potentially matched to an existing account, which the attacker can then hijack for their own purposes.