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easyJet Data Breach

Back in January 2020, a data breach with easyJet airlines meant that 9 million people had their personal and confidential information stolen. The breach was not communicated to affected customers for four months, meaning that there was an extensive period whereby people were unable to take steps to minimise the damages – leaving them extremely vulnerable to further harm.

Of the 9 million people affected, 2208 also had their bank details taken. Personal data stolen includes:



Date of Birth

Passport Numbers


Estimated damages are between £500 and £2,000 per person.

How do I know if I was affected by the easyJet data breach?

Although the easyJet cyber-attack occurred in January 2020, customers were not notified until mid-May, when easyJet disclosed the breach. The airline has also advised customers affected by the breach to be on the lookout for phishing emails.

We believe it is unlikely that secondary passengers will have been contacted by easyJet, so it would be worth all secondary passengers checking with the person named as the lead passenger on their booking whether they were notified of a breach.

How to claim compensation from easyJet

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Why use a data breach solicitor?

Fletchers Data Claims is a legal service provided by Fletchers Solicitors, a Top 100 UK Law Firm with over 30 years’ experience of fighting for consumer rights.

The Fletchers Data Claims service is here to represent your interests and help you claim back the compensation you are entitled to, either through an individual claim against the organisation that breached your data or in some cases, through representing you and others as part of a large group action (often called a ‘class action’).