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AX Data Breach

A data security incident at AX (Accident Exchange Limited) means that sensitive data, which could contain medical information, has been accessed by a third party.

How did the AX data breach happen?

It is unclear how the incident occurred. The notification of the breach does not specifically suggest that it was a cyber-attack, but that a third-party company, not an employee, has somehow gained access to customer information.

How do I know if my data has been breached by Accident Exchange Limited?

Accident Exchange Limited has updated customers of the nature of the breach via email. The email mentions that data has not been taken for identity theft reasons.

Can I claim compensation?

Due to the nature of the business, we know that those affected are likely to have been involved in an accident. Any compensation for those affected would also take into account the distress caused by the lack of clarity in customer communications, as Accident Exchange have referenced only that the data has not been taken for identity theft reasons, and that customers should be aware of calls regarding personal injury claims.

How do I claim for the AX data breach?

To find out if you’re entitled to compensation for the AX data breach, we just need a few details. Start your claim here, or call us on 0330 100 0971 today.

Even if you are lucky and the data breach did not result in any specific loss or damage, you may be entitled to compensation for the distress caused by the incident. It is important that businesses treat your data lawfully and with care and respect, and that they are held to account when they fail to do so.

All advice provided is free of charge and if we take your case on, we always work on a no win-no fee basis. That means if your claim following a data breach is not successful, you will not be charged a penny.

Why use a data breach solicitor?

Fletchers Data Claims is a legal service provided by Fletchers Solicitors, a Top 100 UK Law Firm with over 30 years’ experience of fighting for consumer rights. If you have been the victim of a data breach then you may be entitled to claim for compensation for any losses or damage caused, as well as the distress that the incident has caused. The Fletchers Data Claims service is there to represent your interests and help you claim back the compensation you are entitled to either through an individual claim against the organisation that breached your data or in some cases, through representing you and others are part of a large group action (often called a ‘class action’).