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Advice to Furniture Village customers following recent cyber attack

June 10, 2021

After it was announced that Furniture Village, a British online interior decorating retailer, fell victim to a recent cyber attack, Data Breach Claims Solicitor, Paul Cahill discusses what next for the retailer’s customers and how we can support those impacted.

Furniture Village, who label themselves as the UK’s largest independent furniture retailer, are responding to multiple order delay concerns due to the unforeseen cyber attack.

While the retailer insists that it is proactively contacting customers to reschedule deliveries, question marks over the attack, from the level of information retrieved to the data accessed, still hangs in the balance.

What do we know about the Furniture Village cyber attack?

Furniture Village’s Social Media presence has been rocked with multiple questions around orders and delays to their orders, dating back to June 1st this year.

Twitter, in particular, has seen some customers receive no communication for many days following their order, with some individuals stating deliveries have been cancelled without prior warning.

It appears that the 32-year-old retailer, with long-standing roots established in customer excellence, have been facing difficulty in ascertaining where orders are up to and how many customers are going to be impacted.  

What is the response to Furniture Village’s cyber attack?

Due to the potential impact of the cyber attack, Furniture Village have been quick to ensure both customers and the media have received an on the record response, reading:

“Furniture Village was recently the target of a cybersecurity attack, which continues to cause some operational disruption to our systems. We have already implemented some workaround solutions and manual processes to try and limit disruption to customers as much as possible.

“We are also working with external IT security experts to investigate the incident and bring our systems back online as soon as we can. We’d like to apologise to customers who have experienced disruption or delay to their orders, and thank them, and our business partners and staff, for their support at this time.”

How Fletchers Data Claims can support victims of a cyber attack

Furniture Village is just the latest in a long line of large companies who have found themselves falling victim to cyber attacks.

In this case, they state that there is no evidence of any customer data being compromised, but even if that is the case, this is a real worry for customers and another reminder of how seriously companies need to take their cyber security to stay one step ahead of the cyber attackers and ensure that their systems, and more importantly, their customers’ data can’t be accessed.

Here is our advice if you feel you may be impacted by the breach:

  • Consider changing your online account details: This way you can remain vigilant towards any future activity surrounding Furniture Village and you can then be sure you’ve updated your security since the incident happened.   
  • Keep an eye out for emails: Cyber criminals are targeting email, which is now become known as Phishing. Should any request come through, always, always, always check the source of the email, from where it has been sent from to how the email address looks. Secondly, never take up an action, such as moving or transferring money, or clicking a link you’re asked to. If you don’t trust the source, never click on anything.
  • Check your bank account: For most of us, this is a daily routine. However, if you’re unsure or sensitive to what has happened with furniture village, keeping tabs on your own outgoings is a guarantee of knowing that your money is secure.

If you believe you are a victim of the furniture village cyber-attack, Fletchers Data Claims may be able to support you with your claim for compensation. Speak to our team today on 0330 100 0971 or email: claims@fletchersdataclaims.com

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